Top 5 Worst Natural Disasters

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top 5 Worst Natural Disasters

The world is a beautiful place to live. However, there are always parts of the world wherein natural disasters happen more often and lots of properties and lives are destroyed. Only the people who are living in the country where tsunamis, earthquakes and other natural disasters do not happen can experience the so-called “heaven on earth.” For some, the world is just a cruel place to stay. Still others would feel their land was cursed that they are the only ones who will experience the natural calamities which are so devastating. Here are the top 5 most devastating natural disasters that happened in the world;

#1. Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004

The undersea earthquake with intensity of 9.2 in Richter scale happened in 2004 causing too large waves that turned into tsunamis and reached up to 30 meters high tidal waves that hit Indonesia, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The United Nations have an estimate of 230,000 casualties. It was the most devastating tsunami in the history of the world. Italy’s National Geophysics Institute said that the quake may have been disrupted the rotation of the planet due to its very strong intensity.

#2. Hurricane Katrina in 2005

In the history of the deadliest hurricane that happened in the U.S. territory, the hurricane Katrina is the number one. It happened in 2005 destroying millions of properties and killing 1,836 American citizens. It was recorded to last for 10 days (August 29 – September 7, 2005) making the most powerful country helpless to rescue their own people. Every year, the government would do the commemoration exercises to remember the people who have shed their lives during the time of calamity.

#3. Cyclone Nargis in 2008

In the history of Myanmar, the Nargis Cyclone has just been one of the strongest cyclones that happened. However, the death that reached up to 146,000 cannot just be attributed to the cyclone but also to the negligence of the government of Myanmar during those times. On May 2, 2008 a 135 mph wind have destroyed more properties in Myanmar and killed people. However, there was thousands of survivors after the cyclone. The problem was that the government did not allow the international workers to come in for three weeks leaving all the survivors dead of hunger and starvation, untreated injuries and wounds and other diseases.

#4. Sichuan Earthquake in 2008

The high intensity earthquake hit China in 2008 causing too much damage to establishments and properties as well as to the death of more than 87,400 people. It was reported that more than 7,000 schools have collapsed in Sichuan during the earthquake amplifying the damages and deaths. Grieving parents who have lost their children were given authority to bear another child plus the compensation given by the Communist government.

#5. Kashmir Earthquake in 2005

Five months after an earthquake hit Sichuan in China, another 7.6 intensity earthquake hit Kashmir on October 8. The worst about that earthquake is that winter was coming and the air was cold enough. There were estimated casualties who reach up to 79,000 deaths and millions of establishments and properties have been destroyed. It was unbelievable that two months after the quake, 40 years old woman has been dug out alive.

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