Rescue Pit Bull Is The Best Foster Dad to Puppies | The Dodo

Rescue Pit Bull Is The Best Foster Dad to Puppies | The Dodo
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Rescue Pit Bull Is The Best Foster Dad | This pit bull LOVES his foster puppies — and his mom loves finding them homes because she grew up in foster care, too. For more of Clyde and his foster pups, you can check him out on Instagram:

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  1. A wonderful video of how to give a dog a second chance. If you believe a Pitbull is a dangerous animal, spend time with someone who either owns one or more Pitbulls or foster's them and then you will see the big babies that they are. Try fostering one yourself, if you are able to or spend time in a shelter with them, that will help them overcome their anxiety of being abandoned. Thank you for rescuing such a cute and adorable animal.

  2. You are a kind soul and I believe that you've found your soul mate …Clyde is beautiful and so loving… You are right ….these dogs need unconditional love and some initial patience….a second chance. They will repay it one hundred fold. This is proof that animals respond to love and are more trusting than we humans. A truly uplifting video … Thank you for sharing.

  3. OMG….Clyde is just a big beautiful love bug. Thank goodness this beautiful amazing loving woman didn't overlook and judge him because of his looks and size. She was a blessing to this big gorgeous boy.????

  4. A beautiful young woman, inside and out. She came from a place of knowing. Her pitties are so very lucky to have her as a foster mom. Pitties = super pups.

  5. Some people says Pitbull are Danger! But I think I know what is the answer. The answer is if you take care of the dog, treat him well, feed him everyday, do not hit him and take care of them they won't be danger and I don't think that they are dangerous

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