Most Shocking Moments From Season 4 | Naked And Afraid

Most Shocking Moments From Season 4 | Naked And Afraid
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Watch these more shocking moments from this season’s Naked and Afraid!
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  1. The log guy was stupid, he was struggling to hold it and she wasn’t so she told him to carry it on his shoulder, but he didn’t listen then dropped it on her and didn’t even look like her felt bad

  2. Females be twistin words like he didn’t say she didn’t have the skills to come in here he said “sometimes it feels like you came in without any skills for this”

  3. Whenever they think outside the box like exploring and changing things up they find food. They always try hard too late in the game. One thing that really pisses me off is when they are starving and run away from crocodilians. You fucking idiots! Do you know how easy it is to stab one of them in the head with a sharp stick? “Oh no! , there’s 200 pounds of meat that will keep us fed for a month! Run away!”

  4. the guy who dropped it in the end was a real idiot. she told him to slow down, and that is why she carried it like that

  5. the next day, get to water, get a really good primitive shelter created, at least the sides of it, you can use the tarp as the roof one more night, easily. Then finish the roof the third day, making certain that it really DOES shed water. Make containers out of the tarp, for carrying and storing water, as well as a big one for stone-boiling water. Line the boiling- container with sand or gravel, to protect it from the hot rocks, after lining a pit with the tarp. Toss water onto your shelter every morning, after you're up and about, and after moving your dry debris-bedding out of the way. Keep the shelter wetted down, so it wont dry up and catch fire (or blow away so easily) and be ready to repair the roof daily. Strip the outer sheathing off of the inner strands of the paracord, so as to have the sheathing for your lashing needs and the inner cordage for making netting.

  6. very first thing you do is make sandals, out of coils of the paracord from the hammock, wrapped in chunks of the tarp, tied onto your feet and ankles with the paracord, so that you don't get hurt the first 5 minutes of walking that you have to do. Takes about an hour per pair, per person. DO it, then also make a basic spear, belt, and throwing stick, in case you get a chance to score an animal as you move to water and a place of shelter. Those weapons will make for more peace of mind as you try to sleep, too. 🙂 You dont HAVE to get to water that first day, IF you've over-hydrated before you set out on your journey. Best also have gone ketogenic diet for 2 weeks before you go, too. Dont put the stress of switching-off of carbs onto yourself out there.

  7. these shelters are SO pathetic. Take the biggest, lightweight tarp that the producers will allow, and the largest, paracord hammock allowed, along with the machete. If you fluff up the little cords inside of the paracord, they will take a spark from a hard rock and the machete. it's a pathetic little curl of weak flame that soon goes out, so you have to have some fine shavings from the inside, dry part of a dead tree or branch, ready to catch the flame.. You can make a pump drill, or do some fire-rolling if you can find suitable fibers, or use the paracord to make a bow drill. You make your shelter out of that tarp, until you can make a REALLY good primitive roof, and have located the place where you'll be staying. Get up on a raised wooden bed, with debris piled on it (and on you) dried with hot rocks. The stuff under you can be loose, but you'll have to bundle and tie the matts of debris you lay over you. The first night, one of you sleeps half of the night in the hammock, while the other one sits between the fire and some large, heated rocks. That's probably all that you'll have time for. in the way of bedding and shelter. But the next day, you can find a spot (and water) and get the primitive shelter going. so that you dont need ALL of the tarp and can use it to make breech clouts, hats, shoulder caps.

  8. There are some really dumb people that don't pay attention to others and don't think they need skills for a survival show or they break their partners calvicle like a dickhead

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