Cop Rescues Pit Bull In -20 Degree Windchill | The Dodo Faith = Restored

Cop Rescues Pit Bull In -20 Degree Windchill | The Dodo Faith = Restored
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This cop was on patrol in the middle of the night in the freezing cold and found a pit bull tied to a porch. He rescued her and took her to the animal shelter, but knew he couldn’t leave her there. So with the help of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue he decided to adopt her!

Special thanks to Officer Eric McCombs for rescuing Sweet Pea and for sharing this story with us! Additional thanks to Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue for their help along the way:

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  1. Thank you for opening your heart and home for such a beautiful dog! Your kindness has touched me deeply. I have a wonderful pitbull, that was abused as well but now she has a wonderful life and is happy and safe.

  2. Its amazing what he did, yet demtards cry about illegal immigrants and how they are treat well let them watch some of these videos. That person who tied up the should be treated the same way naked and in the cold

  3. Love to see the dog with some Paw Cuffs on, great photo, then take them off to course. Doggy Mug Shot as well. BTW, I own a previously unwanted rescue dog.

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