5 Real Ghosts Videos Caught On CCTV Camera!

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Today we look at 5 Real Ghosts Videos Caught On CCTV Camera! For more Terrifying/Shocking/Scary/Horrifying videos caught on Camera/GoPro/Tape Subscribe!

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▶ Small Description About This Video.
In Today’s Video, I will be showing you 5 Real Ghosts Videos Caught On CCTV Camera! Enjoy

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( About the video / Community guidelines )
This footage is NOT intended to be violent or glorify violence in any way. We are sharing the footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and educating.

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  1. I wish that there was just one story or clip that I have ever heard or seen that I could believe.

    49 years and I have seen and heard many, many stories but not a single one are believable.

  2. I would believe moving objects more if theyd at least do unexpected stop or turn til then all i think is its being pulled by string

  3. I tend to believe that there is a soul which normally would move on to another existence. It seems some murder victims get trapped where they were killed, in some cases in England the souls are there because they loved their home and that cozy seat near the fireplace. It seems a little scary to think a soul can be stuck in limbo that way. I also think that a soul's transition can be instant or even take years or centuries.

  4. the number to video was pretty good they seem genuinely freaked out and the girl sounded sincerely amused.
    The number one video I have no idea what's going on there that's an amazing video! It's got Shadows, coordinated movements, paper flying in the air! Pretty wild!

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