Sri Balaji Chat Center | Most Hygienic Panipuri | 4 Piece @ 10 rs | Street Food Chennai

Sri Balaji Chat Center | Most Hygienic Panipuri | 4 Piece @ 10 rs | Street Food Chennai
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Address : G A Road , Old Washermenpet , Chennai -600 021 .

Sri Balaji Chat Center | Most Hygienic Panipuri | 4 Piece @ 10 rs | Street Food Chennai.

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  1. Hygienic?so this is not in india?coz being filthy is the trademark of this country.its part of the culture..and whats so funny is the hand that holds the food doesnt have plastic gloves and the right hand that holds the utensils have the gloves?just because he have one glove on his hand it means its hygienic?thats hilarious????…i cant help but notice,whenever i explore on youtube about foods from different countries,first thing i see are the comments particulary on indian foods.this is supposed to be a promotion of their "delicious"delicacies that turned out to be the warning videos on how not to try their foods because you can see how dirty these food carts and places food business you should pay attention to cleanliness,thats the most important thing coz how will u be able to serve quality foods if your workplace,kitchen utensils and even the appearance of the cook and the server is not appealing?maybe it doesnt matter to indian people but youre selling food,even if its cheap you should serve it properly.arent you ashamed that everything you read in the comment section are mostly about hygiene instead of good things about the food?

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