We had to use darkness to our advantage on this rescue!

We had to use darkness to our advantage on this rescue!
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When we received the call about Ocean, it was already after midnight. I asked Loreta Frankonyte to join me even though we already had a long day of rescuing, and we did the long drive and met with neighbors who told us she had been abandoned a couple of weeks ago.

Loreta tried to get her, but Ocean was too nervous… she would come close, but not close enough. I didn’t want to risk it, so I decided to surprise her with a cool trick.

Ocean was covered with fleas, ticks and her coat was completely matted (which helped me with my trick because it limited her ability to see).

Thank you Doggies 911 for finding her such a great home 🙂

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#HopeForPaws #DogRescue #DogVideos


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  1. The dramatic music for the last panic jump was a nice touch. Like the surprise at the end of the horror movie when you think everyone is safe!

  2. Wow such a great change in her looks & location. Nice green grass to run & play in. Another great rescue!!! What a huge difference you made in this dogs life. Just like all your rescues.

  3. Precious Ocean looks like she's packed on a pound or 3-that's OK, the kid will run it off her.
    I hate people-its so obvious that Ocean was once someone's indoor baby. How could anyone abandon her?

  4. That dog seemed older and very well fed. I can't help but wonder if it had belonged to an elderly person who passed away and, they either had no family to take the dog, or the family they had didn't want it and abandoned it. If you're an animal owner, it's important to make plans for your pet in case something happens to you.

  5. No groomy, no bath time?? No fun… Happness for the forever home. Kisses, dear Ocean:-) I'd like to walk wit you at Copacana beach sidewalk (in my city) – beaches must be huge friends of you, musn't?

  6. Watching thousands of times, lol she is so funny and smart dog! “Leave me alone, I don’t want your cheeseburger ?” lol, but she will know she is a lucky dog ever since she met hope For POWs!

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