The Bullying Bull Rhino | Animal Fight Night

The Bullying Bull Rhino | Animal Fight Night
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A bull rhino refuses to share a watering hole with a vulnerable mother and her calf.
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About Animal Fight Night:
Animal Fight Night features same-species battles between some of the biggest and baddest fighters of the animal kingdom, and some of the most surprising, revealing the extraordinary motivations and strategies that fuel each incredible brawl.

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The Bullying Bull Rhino | Animal Fight Night

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  1. Why did the Rhinos go into the water while they were fighting, I thought they don't like water, nice video of rhinos on Nat Geo Wild, even though it's Animal Fight Night

  2. Elaine, I, too, wish you could come back as a rhino, mate! The way things are going for the species, we could do with all the reincarnated rhinoceroses we can get..preferably bloody bulletproof!

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