Rescued puppy overjoyed to reunite with his mother

Rescued puppy overjoyed to reunite with his mother
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A puppy fell into a well and neighbors heard him crying all night long. When our rescue team went down and brought the little guy back up top he ran as fast as he could to find his mom and didn’t stop wagging his tail.

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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. To the people who give them a thumbs down. Why don't you go help them for one week. Or are you not strong, loving or brave enough for even one hour of your time.

  2. ya it didn't look like that momma was too keen on taking that pup back. Waht are you doing to actually CARE for these obviously neglected animals. A rescue is all fine and dandy but those dogs are clearly emaciated and with health issues!

  3. Thank you animal aid unlimited…you all are the pillars of the rescue. Puppy back with mom and dad and sibling. Awesome heroes and super strong rescuers to save animals everyday. Good job and keep up a good work. Thank you …greets from San Francisco California.

  4. Glad they saved the little guy but I was a little sad that they didn’t have any food or anything for him at least. He’s clearly hungry trying to suckle off of momma even though he’s certainly big enough to be eating food 🙁

  5. Imagine how many puppers and other animals die from fear and excruciating pain , when no one is around them to help when they get caught up in situations like these.
    Imagining there faces due to fear and not understanding why and how they are in the situation makes me cry.
    Thank you so much guys for saving atleast some of those poor souls.
    I just want animals to be happy. Don't really care about humans.

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