Dog Loves To Go To The Skate Park With His Dad | The Dodo

Dog Loves To Go To The Skate Park With His Dad | The Dodo
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Dog Loves To Go To The Skate Park With His Dad | This rescue dog taught himself to skateboard — and now he’s teaching his siblings too! For more of Brutis the skateboarding dog, you can check him out on Instagram:

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  1. You Rock dude on so many levels…lots of ❤️ from Canada ??…you can tell what kind of Fabulous person you are by how great your dogs are…Fantastic Video! Well done!

  2. That lady shouldnt have gotten a pet. They are meant to be members of your family and if that bothered her she clearly shouldnt be trying to own an animal. Animals are meant to be loved not just objects in your house. So what if he cries. Thats not all he is. If she cant get past that and accept him theres no love there for the being he is. Glad this guy came and rescued him. I will give credit where its due and at least she wasnt killing him lime some would or dumping him in the garbage or whatever, so at least she did that but thats it.

  3. My ghòd you are so great, I live you!! You are so good for that animals!! Its a big quality.

    With this you can see the difference. When we are for some persons a little bit difficult (we human or animal)…. Then we can be verder lucky if we meet a person like this. Hè knows how to treath. And hè dont see problems but possibilities. These soort of guys / man we need.

    I am happy for this dog. This is a great example. How human van treath animals aand human with 'problems'. Not specially with a skateboard but Just the way that man treath others. That is the sollution. Also for sick persons.

  4. Geeze, he skates better than me… His leather jacket and entire wardrobe is better than mine… His friends and family is cooler than mine… His life is richer than mine… He's skinnier and skin's more toned than mine. Got better hair – i'm having a crisis right now. He's just the absolute cutest and greatest guy ever. Everyone who tried failed to teach me to skate and get my life together…

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