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About the Author: Streetfights Only


  1. We are so quick to down our own trust this internet is flooded with MF other who clearly are far worse then us … Y'all keep letting the GOVERNMENT brainwash y'all ass like we are the weak links bitch please my people strong and powerful disrespect is direspect

  2. Isn’t it nice how black women bring the children to watch so they can pass on their disgusting behavior down. This is a way of life for most of Black America

  3. There are few things I hate more than an animal exposing their little angels to this. Babies are scared quite easily by fights. Is the fight more important than the psychological well-being of a baby?

  4. Just ignorant especially since there are babies there watching. You would think they would be able to solve their issues without using their fists. So sad

  5. This is the human evolution going backwards, folk… and they say black lives matters, YEAH RIGHT! Y’all can kiss my grey skinny behind! (Being from a Mauritian family, the pigmentations of our skins various as we’re a potpourri of multiple cultures, and as I’m ageing, my colour is fading!) ? I used to be black coffee, these days I’m a medium brown latte! Wow, that bigger foolish female got some titties whiplash, the way the heifer’s udders were swinging wild, I was worried in case she spun to quickly and knocked herself out! And a double WOW, great role-models those fuckers are, supposedly grown arse adults behaving worst then animals and in front of their children, American people are insanely messed up, without any shame. Horrible ignorant arse-holes the whole lot of them and the poor innocent children! That’s the tragedy, those poor children

  6. And they wonder why they are treated like outcasts?!
    They don't know anything else, and the biggest thing is that they don't want to either… They are happy to live in disgusting filth and be nothing in life

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