These Rescue Dogs Are About To Be Adopted By Veterans | The Dodo Faith = Restored

These Rescue Dogs Are About To Be Adopted By Veterans | The Dodo Faith = Restored
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These rescue dogs finally got their second chance and are being flown to New York where they’ll be adopted by veterans.

To help them bring more dogs to their forever homes, you can support the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team:

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  1. Those jail/prison programs are so amazing!! The programs teach the prisoners how to fully understand compassion, patience, love, joy & so many of the other tasks & emotions that come with training dogs/animals!! They give the prisoners something to work towards, to look forward to something that helps animals & people is such an amazing way!! I saw a Dodo vid where a prisoner in 1 of these programs & when he was released he started working in the ASPCA as an animal investigator, literally spending his days saving animals & he loved it!! These kinds of programs save both ppl & animals!! Please don’t judge a book by it’s cover & be safe everyone!!

  2. These animals have such short life. 14 years if they are lucky. If anyone could put up or tolerate an annoying X- WIFE, investing that many years with fourlegged friend, consider yourself luck and being blessed. Just remember the fact that its your dog that greet you the second that you turn your key to your front door.

  3. My heart is full from the title alone, and then I see the puppies and just melt. I love my dogs so much. Thank you for being an angel to all of those sweet dogs, making it possible for them to have good loving homes. ❤️??

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