Polymers: Crash Course Chemistry #45

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Did you know that Polymers save the lives of Elephants? Well, now you do! The world of Polymers is so amazingly integrated into our daily lives that we sometimes forget how amazing they are. Here, Hank talks about how they were developed an the different types of Polymers that are common in the world today, including some that may surprise you.

Table of Contents

Commercial Polymers & Saved Elephants 0:00
Ethene AKA Ethylene 2:29
Addition Reactions 3:08
Ethene Based Polymers 4:44
Addition Polymerization & Condensation Reactions 6:32
Proteins & Other Natural Polymers 8:33

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  1. So DNA is a polymer? Forgive the dumb question but we would happen if you tried to make a solid material out of it? Would it be like other polymers? Is it something I could do it home? Like can I make my own plastic made from my own DNA and sell it as a unique type of material since I'd be using my own polypeptide strands? I could make a fortune!

  2. Your description is so clear, is it possible to cite your work and show to student? for example, cut some images or short portion and tag translation words to be a small part of teaching materials?

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