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  1. We can see that y'all dirty don't need to tell us 20 million times we can see that y'all are dirty you can see that you sound stupid yelling this shit over and over and over again we can see y'all dirty as shit all of y'all doing whatever fuck that is never heard of it my dude fucking dirty ass clown Dusty white bitches

  2. Stupid white girls fighting fir the amusement of those stupid fuckers who were filming. To amuse a bunch of sagging lowland gorilla looking wannabees.

  3. Lmao @ tecknos africa Wrong answer. In my hay day I was whoopin females and males in groups of 3+. Shit one night at the club some bitch kept purposely backing into my man(cuz hell yes he was and is sexy as hell) but she thought because she was there with 5 other females and 6 others brothas and we appeared to be alone, she could test me. I told my baby.."watch this" walk by and bumped her hard af on my way to the restroom. She waited til i was way out of ear shot and she said "tell your bitch to watch out" shit my baby can right to the bathroom and said "baby that nasty hoe called you a bitch" I knocked all 6 bitches out in a row one punch each and by the time the first one was trying to stand she got knocked out again. Those brothas were so heated and embarrassed one wrapped his belt around his knuckles, threw a table and came at me. Lmao. The whole crew jumped into action and those sorry ass new castle bros never showed their faces there again.Oh and yeah my daddy is a brotha too in case you were wondering.

  4. How da heck it get this much vies its just a fight stop posting please thank you man I hate fights and it got 166,627 views that's dumb STOP POSTING FIGHTS if you going to wanna see a fight go fight someone

  5. How absolutely filthy must you be to want your body littered in tacky tattoos in random places? That girl in yellow looked awful. (That's not racist; I'm white)

  6. All these videos these girls dont know how to real fight…If yes most of them are 6 feet under…and that will be good for the Society….:) Fat, ugly, smell bad from under arm and ass and no brain…wow that is your futur woman friend…!

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