Animal Fight to Death – Lion vs Tiger Real Fight in Jungle I HOT Battle

Animal Fight to Death - Lion vs Tiger Real Fight in Jungle I HOT Battle
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  1. Stupid summit of those who believe this scene because it is strange film that the majority of lion lovers consider the lion was in control and vice versa

  2. Quotes from ancient Indian (country that has both tigers and lions) sacred epics:
    Ramayana: "Let not Rama in his rancour shed a younger brother's blood,
    As the lion slays the tiger in the deep and echoing wood!"

    Mahabharata: "Peerless bowman! mighty monarch! nations still his hests obeyed,
    As a lion slays a tiger, Bhima hath Duryodhan slayed!"

  3. 1:00 the tiger has only few stripes
    1:04 the tiger has many stripes in his belly,
    1:21 the tiger's belly stripes disappeared

    3:07 the tiger was tranquilized thats why it fell to the ground

    3:14 the lion looked confused , why the tiger fell down , and you can also he looked more injured,

    the tiger used here is a male bengal(not sure) (1:04)
    and a female siberian tiger (tranquilized)(1:00)
    many says that the tiger is not full grown and looks like female
    this is a staged fight that used 2 or more different tiger and maybe more than 3 tigers too yeah the tiger is tranquilized

    tigers will never lose in a fair fight

  4. Guys 1 thing I am a lion fan but male tigers are larger than male African lions this tiger they used is not fully grown and its not a Siberian tiger its a small species of tigers clearly they wanted the lion to win but a fully grown Siberian tiger vs fully grown African lion honesty I don't know who would win both are very large carnivors but the tiger is bigger if I had to pick who wins I pick the tiger do to its size and strength and the people who made the video don't hate on them people been wondering for years who would win in a real fight between a lion and a tiger and this video is most likely unsatisfying it wasn't a fair fight they used a sub adult tiger vs a full grown African lion.

  5. Tigers are more agressives when defending their territory,not when put by asshole humans in a hole with a full grown lion (while the tiger is a young or a female).anyway that's a really bad thing to watch,but let's say it's a part of the evil history of mankind.

  6. Just to clear a few things up: the tiger in this video is likely a female Bengal. The lion is a Male Asiatic Lion. Yes, there are still Asiatic lions in the Gir national forest area of India. Asiatic male lions are smaller than their African cousins on average. The other thing to remember is that not all Tigers grow to be larger than Lions. Only the largest Bengal Tigers and Siberian Tigers are larger on average size (although most Siberian males today are only averaging 500 lbs full grown). The largest tigers today are usually those found in Northern India and in the Nepal region. Many males average 550 to 570 lbs. African Male Lions may average 475 lbs, but a number of African Male Lions can reach weights of 500+ lbs, including some hitting 550 Lbs or more. So weight sizes can be very comparable, especially since the Siberian population has mostly been crippled and is almost extinct. All other species of Tigers (Sumatran, South Chinese, Malayan, Indonesian) are smaller than African Lions, and more on par with the few Asiatic Lions in India.

    Having said all that, these fights prove nothing. It's humans acting poorly because they want to bet on the fights. It's animal cruelty.

    Even though the Asiatic Lion does exist in India, it does not inhabit a range near Tigers. Because Asiatic Males are smaller than their African cousins they would likely stand no chance against a fully grown male Bengal Tiger. This is why I believe the Bengal in the this video is a female. Female lions and tigers, believe it or not, average about the same size (250 – 400 lbs).

  7. Tigers are generally larger cats  than lions but size is only one factor when it comes to fighting. Aggression is another major factor and lions grow up in much more hostile environment than tigers and fight considerably more being social animals. Tigers however are superior hunters because they live solitary lives and can only depend on themselves. But hunting and fighting are not exactly the same and both come with a different set of skills.  One on one I think it can go both ways. Just like with men fighting, it depends on the individual genetics, personality and given circumstance  of the individual.

  8. The fight is real and tiger is fully grown. Both are 250 plus in wait. Why lion looks bigger?
    Its Barbary lion which is biggest in lions and look even more bigger due to large mane even on its belly. Barbary Lion is biggest in cat clan but distinct in nature.

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