Cats Playing in Snow Compilation

Cats Playing in Snow Compilation
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Cats seems to like winter time and snow! Snow for them means a different and more exciting ways to play outside.

“Olde Timey” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. Neither of my cats want anything to do with snow. One of them is an indoor cat anyway, but he actually backs away from snow if I open the door. The other one would like to go out, but she sees that white stuff and nopes it back inside.

  2. Ive always believed that cats are meant to be kept indoors. I'm still amazed at seeing cats outdoors. Im not judging, i wasnt brought up around cats. I am glad to see that they can play outside, too!

  3. Dogs are the same way. A couple winters ago, I was dogsitting for our two old family dogs, both were 15 at the time. It was snowing outside in the evening, so I took them out for a quick walk before bedtime, and Bailey suddenly gets a burst of excitement and starts dashing through all the snow like a puppy! I had to run to keep up with him on his leash with poor Ritzy trailing behind! Something about all that fresh snow turns us all into kids again.

  4. I wonder if catnip was involved in some of these videos. Kinda like when you look at some of the videos of humans and you can tell alcohol was involved.

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