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This is the best real paranormal evidence caught on tape 2017.
A real ghost was moving objects in the kitchen. Paranormal Activity confirmed 2018.
This is certainly the best ghost evidence caught on camera in 2019.

It’s also fake like 99% of the other videos that claim to be real.
This video was made to show how easy it is to fake a ghost sighting. There are many videos on YouTube like this one and unfortunately people believe that they are real when they are actually fake.
All you need is some fancy video editing techniques, similar to the ones I’m showing but less broken.
Let’s just say I wouldn’t pass an exam with this video.
Someone requested I make a proper video showing off these techniques as I keep claiming they’re easy to fake. So I did.
Still some faults in this ghost sighting that make it questionable at best, but I might try to make one again in the future. It does improve every time I try.
Ghosts. Ghosts. GHOSTS!

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  1. How did you make yourself look like a ghost? Cool video! Yeah people put a lot of work into these videos claiming they are "paranormal" thanks for sharing. You must have editing experience cause I wouldn't have even known how to do all that ?

  2. after the min 15.i noticed the camara was in diferent possition by mm.on the min 666.the shadow waving on the front panel…and the camera moved farther to the right…

  3. if this type of video is easily faked than chances are there are no real paranormal experiences. Even if aliens showed up we wouldn't believe it until we saw them with our own eyes!

  4. that is so cool that a non special effects person can create such an illusion. II thought it was real up until I saw the ghost image. It wouldn't be that revealing and stable. Do you know how to do other effects?

  5. I saw it was fake from the start. I know with poltergeist activity, objects never fall the "normal" way. It will always brake the physical laws when moving. For example, an object can jump over edges, slide fast against the floor before coming to a sudden stop, hoover, change speed or direction ++ That make it easy for me to pick out the fake poltergeist videos.

  6. Nice video, i also wonder about that video when the glass explode by itself when he drops it on the ouija board. I think there is at least 2 videos like that from Mellowb1rd where the glass explode. Also the other one where the christian cross fires up by itself.

  7. Please interpret this hastely thrown together video as a way to understand how these videos are made.
    The point of this video is that anyone with an interest in video editing can easily make these, you'll see plenty of them as well since ghost/alien are a perfect way to practice these techniques.
    I know, many mistakes were made and they can be easily avoided by a) not moving the camera and b) not limiting yourself to a single take c) not acting cocky in your explanation before realizing what a mess the footage turned out to be.
    But the point of this video is for you to understand how easy it is to make these and how it's actually done so you know some of what to look for in a questionable ghost video.
    There's plenty more techniques that were not covered in this video as well. If you'd like to learn more about it, check out Captain Disillusion on YouTube.
    Also before you comment, yes the video is fake and the title is clickbait. Enjoy 😛

  8. Moe is a true guy . Before u say anything more. At least go at abondon places . ATLEAST. Stop interfering in their business. I am an sargian. As for omar he helped poor people and he is honest

  9. Good video..people need to be more aware of how fake videos are's like I've always said.. I know a lot of these videos are fake and it is very easy to edit them as you did here, but not too many people are aware of all the editing software out there and how to use them. It doesn't mean that it doesn't's just some people are naive and will believe in anything that's put on TV or YouTube. I tell people all the time that it's fake but they're going to believe whatever they want to. Even though it's been debunked and right there in front of them..there are people who are still going to believe that it has to be real. People it's called entertainment and that's all it is. If you like the video then fine watch it but if you don't like it then move on and watch something else..plain and simple. A lot of people making these videos want the views and likes..that's what makes them money here on YouTube. So they are going to do whatever it takes to get those. Even if it means faking their videos they will do it. So I just want to say I enjoy your debunking videos and keep up the great work. The truth is out there and people need to see it. ???????

  10. It's crazy to me that more people do not realize that they are being "punked" in reference to hauntings and spirit or demonic activity on YT. People that have endured REAL activity will tell you that you can't predict when it will happen. I lived in a house from the age of 4 years that had true Demonic and Spirit activity. It went on for a total of 10 years, and it was horrible but there would be months where we noticed no activity at all. The worst of it was that you never knew what was going to happen, or when or where or to whom it was going to happen to. You could never just be relaxed and comfortable in that house.

    People are naturally interested in hauntings and spirit activity. And because of that, there are A LOT of people making Moocho Moolah off of subscribers and/or Patrons on their YT channels by faking ghost or spirit or demonic activity. If you are watching it for a laugh, fine. But don't just take their word on those channels that what you are seeing is REAL because ninety-nine percent of the time…It is not.

  11. I have no proof of my experience, and that's a bummer.

    One day, I had a shocking experience. There I was sitting on the couch watching TV. Suddenly, my peripheral vision started to turn black. Then the darkness moved closer to the center of my vision and quickly led to me seeing nothing but complete blackness. Naturally I was scared big time. Immediately I moved forward, and it was obvious that my movement contributed to the recovery of my vision. In other words, as I moved my head out of the previous position, my vision was being restored, starting with restoration of vision in the peripheral area. It was a big WOW experience. A couple of minutes later I decided to reposition myself back to the same position on the couch to see if this strange phenomena was still active. Sure enough, as I sat down and leaned back over, the darkness occurred once again, but this time instead of complete blackness, it was somewhat grey. Of course I then quickly sat up and stayed away from that spot for many days. It moved toward me to begin with, thus the one thing I did not want it to do was track me where ever I was positioned in the future, since that would have led to constant blackness.

    I have never heard of anything like this ever before. As I said, it was a big WOW experience. What the heck was it ???

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