15 Mysterious Things Found In The Woods!

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From weird objects, to weird animals, and beyond, join me as I reveal to you 15 of the creepiest things found in woods.
15 The Chase
So imagine this, you’re going through the woods one day, and you hear something coming near you. You pause and try to determine what it is. You think it’s just an animal, so you get your camera out and are ready to take the shot. And when the objects reveal themselves, you take the shot. And this is what you see…
Yep, that doesn’t look right, doesn’t it? Clearly there is a deer on the left side, and that’s not creepy at all. But the thing that’s chasing it? Yeah, that’s a different story. What exactly is this thing? We don’t know, and we don’t know where exactly the picture was taken. Rumors state that it might be the infamous Jersey Devil, while others think it could be some other kind of monster out there.
The possibilities are near endless, but this kind of picture is the thing that keeps most people indoors at night. What do you think it is? Or isn’t? Also, do you think it caught the deer?

14. Baby Doll Head
It’s definitely not uncommon for people to find toys in the woods. Kids play in them all the time and sometimes leave them behind. Perfectly natural.
What is NOT natural however is when a person goes into the woods and finds a dolls head. Just the head. And even creepier, finding the head without any hair on it, making it look more than anything else. The person who found this doll noted on Reddit that they looked around for the rest of the body, but nothing else was there. Which means that either someone left that head there, or something got to the doll and dismantled it before taking it away.
Speaking of which. The person who found the doll’s head? They went back by that same spot the next day. The head was gone. I leave you to determine what it all means…
13. Trail Cam Clown

12. Gravestone
11. The Second Man
If you were to look at this picture straight on, you wouldn’t think too much about it more than likely. Because on it is a man standing on the edge of a cliff intentionally and looking directly at the camera. No doubt to pose and get a great shot. We’ve all done it before. But, if you look just to the left of the man, you’ll notice that he’s not alone.
There is someone in the trees just to the left of him, and they too are looking at the camera.
This raises SO MANY questions. First off, if you look at the pic itself, you’ll notice that it’s not a digital photograph. There’s a crease on the top right corner. Meaning it was taken on a regular camera, printed, and then scanned to a computer. Which means that this isn’t fake, or very highly not fake. And if it isn’t, what the heck is that guy doing there hiding in the trees?
It’s possible the camera person didn’t notice them until later on, but still, that’s creepy.

10. Is It Raining?
9. Plane Crash
While we don’t have the particular details on this specific plane crash, we do know that this one was indeed found in the woods, and that it’s the remains of a plane that took off from Siberia and then crashed in Russia eventually. None of the passengers survived, and no one even knew where the plane crash landed before it was found like this.
By that time, the bodies of the passengers were beyond recognition.
Could you imagine stumbling upon something like this? Because I can’t.

8. Clowns…again…
Oh, thought we were done with the clown stories? Not so much. In Greenville South Carolina, there was a string of strange incidents ..
6. Message In the Snow

5. Through The Fog

4. Campsite for One
When it comes to parks you can camp in, there are rules and areas that you need to observe and stay in. You can’t just randomly go and plop up a place for yourself anywhere in the woods. It’s actually illegal.
Anyway, one day a park ranger was going through some woods when he spotted a campsite out of the areas that are allowed. So, he went to go and see who was there. To his surprise though, no one was there.
All of their campsite was set up. Including a sleeping bag, some food, clothing, and most curious of all, a teddy bear. Which would make you think that there was a family there, but the ranger noted that this was just enough stuff for one person. Yet they weren’t there, so what happened to them? And why were they there in the first place?
3. Smiling Before The End

2. Red Cabin.
1. Island of the Dolls
The island of the Dolls is arguably one of the most terrifying places known in the world today.


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