iPhone 11 Pro review: the BEST camera on a phone

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Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have the best cameras on a phone; a huge improvement in battery life; bright, beautiful displays; and they come in midnight green. These are some of the most well-balanced, most capable phones Apple — or anyone — has ever made. But starting at $999, they’ll cost you. Here’s the review of our midnight green unit.

Check out the full review here: http://bit.ly/2miGPpX
How to preorder: http://bit.ly/2kFfpub
How to choose which phone to buy: http://bit.ly/2klgQO2
The 3 best and worst features: http://bit.ly/2lXyGr2

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  1. Not sure why people use night sight as a benchmark. As someone who owned a pixel, Huawei and OnePlus 7 pro, both nightscape and night mode on the Huawei beat the pixel for me in almost all situations. They have been improved so much with updates. Not sure why American reviewers neglect he Huawei phones. I still felt they took the best photos. You can still import them.

  2. In 17 minute video they explained that worlds best iphone has best camera only. What about the reverse wireless charging, fast wireless charging, 90hz display, Fast Charging, depth sensor, and design ?

  3. the 11 pro has big bezels???? why do people keep pushing for phones that literally look like just a slab of glass lol it’s so inconvenient.

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