Guinea Pig Rescue Adventure: North Central Animal Shelter

Guinea Pig Rescue Adventure: North Central Animal Shelter
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Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue Volunteer, Scott wakes up to a plea for help. An emaciated Guinea Pig has arrived at North Central Animal Shelter and the staff reached out to a volunteer after he was recommended for euthanasia. No Way!


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  1. Sorry my heart hurts he is so cute Scotty u are bless with these beautiful creatures because of u we got a guineas pig but we call him panda n we treat him like a baby I let him out the cage n he follows me n my son everywhere we just picked up a better habitat I want to thank you

  2. I really appreciate people like you doing the best you can for these poor little creatures, they are so lovely, thank you for rescuing them! You are an angel?

  3. Thank u for reponse..that pine was good size nut smelled like sprayed with tree tea oil…I'm using fleece but don't want to ruin my washer in case I MISS anything…but thank you so much. Hope you all had a good Thankgiving..

  4. Scotty, you say use pine wood on bottom of cage…I bought some..the smell was horrible. And my piggie acted as if sneezing. I bought at pet store…what to do???

  5. I have 4 piggies of my own they mean the world to me and my family they are the sweetest little things thank god for people like you for loving and rescuing harmless animals

  6. So glad you were there to save him. Yes he is obviously in need of some major care but has far to much energy to justify putting him down. We found a guinea pig "free" on Craig's list and a few hundred dollars and much love later we have an amazing girl. We have also taken anther "free" couple off Craig's list and are getting them back to full guinea pig health. You are such an inspiration and we are officially hooked on these wonderful critters. Unfortunately I feel that not many folks really know what they are doing or take the time to learn considering the state our babies were in when we found them

  7. Scotty, that's way too much bath for a little piggy! No face and near ear washing, just down the back and under the belly. He is too small and thin. So happy to see that he's doing well, I can't stand anyone who would starve an animal! Thank God he is in good hands now! I would adopt him in a minute.

  8. Oh wow he's so precious!! And so full of life. Every creature is worth trying for! Thankyou so much for his rescue, I'm so happy he's in great hands. He's a wonderpigxxxx

  9. The head tilt could also be an inner ear infection, we rescued a piggy from Petco who had the same issue, and they wanted us to return her so that they could "take care of it" then we could buy her back when she got better, we told them fuck you, we will take her to a Petco vet ourselves and they can foot the bill! It wound up being over $300 worth of care but they paid us back for it! But we also found out that they run massive piggy mills and there is a video on youtube that shows you exactly how they provide their stores, and it's not just Petco it is also Petsmart!!!!!!!

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