TRY NOT TO CRY – Emotional Moments Owners Say goodbye to their dying dog Compilation

TRY NOT TO CRY -  Emotional Moments Owners Say goodbye to their dying dog Compilation
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TRY NOT TO CRY – Emotional Moments Owners Say goodbye to their dying dog Compilation
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  1. I love my dogs. I dont want them to die. This four legged innocent creature with unconditional love.

    Dog but when you backread it. It says GOD. Thats why their love is also unconditional

  2. Wrf is up with the happy music at the end tho? Also I got sth in my eye and I can't get it out so I decided to watch sad dog videos, I'm crying and it got out

  3. I usually don't cry at videos that says try not to cry challenge

    But seeing people's dogs die from diseases or having to be put down just breaks my heart

  4. My dog got attacked and my mom had to work so I had to translate english to spanish for her cause she doesnt speak good spanish so when the vet told me to tell her they had to put him to "sleep" I knew exactly what he meant so I wanted to start crying but i didnt until the vet left but I was silently crying. When my mom got there I was in tears and I couldnt see them put him to sleep so i walked outside and when my mom came outside and told me he was asleep now I broke down and I was such in disbelief i couldnt touch him or even kiss him one last time….

  5. i cried when i immediately clicked on this video. i had a dog when i was a little toddler and when she died a part of me left with her. she was the best dog in the world to me, even when she bit. rest in peace, Dee.

  6. I lost my dog to she died at april.9,2019 and i still miss her i was crying when i see other
    Dogs leaving they're owner i know how they feel i really love my dog but she was
    Tierd so i let her finally REST IN PEACE because i don't want to see her dying in front of me
    April.9,2019 8:00 a.m. in the morning i saw her lying down not breathing and her body has
    Blood all over it when i saw her ded i fall down on my knees and came to her kneeling
    Down and when i got to her i didn't bother the blood all over her i just hug her and i was still crying
    I wish she could still be alive because i need her in my life message to my beloved dog :
    ( dear chikka i really miss you i really want you to be alive now so i can hug you so tight
    Iwant to be with you now Chikka please i love you i need you to hug me now but you can't and it's
    Okay because i was so tierd of seeing or feeling you bieng hurt and tierd i promise you once i finish
    School i will make my promis to you come true )

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