Thermal Camera Footage of Spirit Anomaly and Spirit Orbs Caught on Camera

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Paranormal activity caught on my thermal camera in my house. Real Thermal Camera Footage of Spirit Anomaly and Spirit Orbs Caught on Camera. Real ghosts caught on camera. Real paranormal activity. Paranormal activity in my haunted house. Spirit orbs, spirit Anomaly and shadows. Real ghost footage of real spirits. Active spirits in my haunted house. Real ghosts and real spirits caught on camera. Paranormal caught on video and thermal camera.

Me doing a paranormal Investigation in my home with thermal camera. Caught strange spirit anomaly and ghost orbs. Real ghosts.

Real footage of real ghosts, spirits and orbs. Real paranormal activity going on in my home. Real ghost spirits caught.

Top ghosts caught on camera. Footage of a quick paranormal Investigation in my house. Spirit orbs everywhere.

ghost hunting in an abandoned church – ghost hunting in an old church!

Ghost Attacks Paranormal Investigator

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Real ghost
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More ghost and paranormal videos to come soon.

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  1. This looks like it's a Thermal camera "app"?? If so, it's not real Thermal imaging, only simulated bro. I will say though, that you could tell that the first alleged "orb" to show, seemed to show heat(if the thermal was accurate), and could tell others as being dust. The reflection on the bar in the cloths closet, was from your camera, that's why you were getting red. But yeah, the thermal apps are only simulation because phones don't have that ability by themselves. Interesting though. Thanks for sharing. Bless

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