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We made it our mission to help in Antique as soon as we heard about the natural disaster happening there.

Want to help volunteer? https://www.facebook.com/CulasiMENRO/

Support the project: https://bit.ly/2ZlvlF0

Special thanks to: https://www.katahum.com/calawag-mountain-resort/

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  1. 50% of all coral reef in the world is destroyed by Crown of Thorns. They have now spread violently over 3 islands in Panay. So far the only help the islands have received is by volunteers… sad… Spread the message and video before the COTs spread further… People don't realize how serious this is, over 50 million Filipinos rely on the reefs and fishing.

  2. Oh no… so sad!… But great work Finn & your beautiful Filipina goddess 😁 I hope the locals get enough support to tackle the problem, before there's too much damage done! I can't wait to get back to the Philippines again and plan to relocate there as soon as I can from the UK. I shall certainly come and help you guys if you're still there, or even if you're not I would love to help the locals 1000%

    I really dream to be able to help the Filipina as well as much as I can to give thanks and gratitude for allowing me in their country. 😁

    Best wishes to you guys keep up the great work! Much love! ♥️😊👊🏼

  3. It's a wake up call. First of all animals are not food for humans. They are here to coexist with us. The rainforest is burning because we eat too much meat. Large portion of the land will be used for animal farming to supply human demand for meat. The human teeth are not designed to eat flesh. Science can explain. Now Mother Nature is in vengeance. If we really want to help Her recover we should start with ourselves by simply refraining from eating animal flesh. It is vile and is exploitation of animal rights. So I hope you consider this before advocating environmental awareness. I'm saying in positive light, no bashing. Thanks!

  4. Hi Fin.. I just saw you at Iloilo Airport and your bound to cebu last august 28.. I quitly starstruck seeing you but I cant get enough to say you hi since you are onboard. Wish you all the best and continue inspired us to take care of our planet♻️🍃❤️

  5. Fin and Sherlyn..you are a such a good example to all the people of the world how you participate in cleaning up the crown of thorns that destroying our ecosystem underneath the sea ..thanks guys..for supporting the people from that place and showing how to remove those bad crown of thorns..you're making such a difference on our environment…esp. underneath the sea…keep up the good work guys.👍👍👍👍👍👋👋👋👋👋

  6. Great Job Finn for helping save the environment of your second home, you're truly a great person by nature having a big heart for others. You deserve to be in the Philippines and the Philippines needs people like you. Sherlyn, daghan salamat. Tnx for the local volunteers as well. Keep up the good work guys. Be safe and Godspeed.

  7. Mother Nature is stronger than you realize. There is a natural order of things. While there are coral reefs decaying there are others that are growing. Good luck.

  8. the Triton snails (COT's natural predator) must be all gone or perhaps outnumbered in that place. its time to replenish and stop poaching for their shells in order to help balance the ecosystem.

  9. Finn ask the other vlogers to help out like Kulas,mike and nelly,Lucy and George, brett maverick etc.. if it’s that important they won’t mind volunteering.

  10. These are the issues that our lawmakers should be focusing on. Too bad they are too busy with CRs and kids homeworks. Let’s share this video to help raise awareness. Thank you kind Sir for helping our locals. Buti ka pa..

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