Insanely Fast Cooking Skills!! FOOD TOUR + Attractions in Baalbek, Middle East!

Insanely Fast Cooking Skills!! FOOD TOUR + Attractions in Baalbek, Middle East!
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Thank you to USAID – My visit to Lebanon was supported by the USAID Lebanon Enterprise Development Project.

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BAALBEK, LEBANON – Baalbek is an ancient city in central Lebanon, founded as a Phoenician city, but with immense history and civilizations, and impressive Roman ruins. But along with the ruins, Baalbek is known for its unique bakery foods and lots of grilled meat. This turned out to be one of my favorite dates in Lebanon for the mix of food, culture, and history. #Baalbek #Lebanon #LebaneseFood

Laiterie Massabki – On the drive from Beirut to Baalbek, we took the highway that goes from Beirut to Damascus, Syria, and Kamel mentioned that almost everyone who makes the drive stops for some cheese sandwiches a long the way, so we had to stop. They turned out to be incredibly delicious, well worth a stop. Total price – 26,000 LBP ($17.25)

Sfiha Baalbakiyye – One of the highlights of the day and of my trip to Lebanon was going to the butchery to order fresh kebabs. At the butchery they also ground fresh meat, mixed it with herbs and spices, and then we took it to the bakery across the street to make Sfiha Baalbakiyye. The bakery skills they had were super human! The kebabs and kofta were stunning as well. 65,000 LBP ($43.12) – Price for all meat and pastries

Palmyra Hotel – Kamel knows the manager of the classic Palmyra Hotel, which has been in continual operation for the last 140 years. After walking around the hotel for a bit, we had a Baalbek style food lunch in their courtyard. Food was delicious, fresh, and different tasting from a lot of the Lebanese food I had tried so far. After lunch we went to a very kind womans home to see the local Baalbek cheese and have a coffee as well.

Baalbek Ruins – And to finish off this food and attractions tour of Baalbek, we visited the famous ruins. I was blown away by the preservation and magnitude of the ruins – they are truly spectacular. 15,000 LBP ($9.95) – Entrance per person

It was an amazing day in Baalbek, Lebanon, and the highlight for me was the bakery skills and the kofta.

“Blissful Dawn”


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  1. Mark thanks once again for such an amazing day I'm so grateful for you and your family continually sharing the world with us and all the different cultures and food you have such a passion for what you do may all your travel's be blessed

  2. Hello Mark! I sincerely love all of your videos! The way your eyes speak the food, justifies the taste!! Please publish some more videos! And do add Micah a bit more!

  3. Definitely one of the greatest cuisines, alongside with the Turkish cuisine in the world. You will easily notice the similarities between the two. Meat is processed well and fat is the main dish, consumed with almost everything. The only difference is; south-east part of the Turkey is not familiar with olive oil. This detail makes Lebanon kitchen unique.

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