The Doctor Fights Robin Hood | Robot of Sherwood | Doctor Who

The Doctor Fights Robin Hood | Robot of Sherwood | Doctor Who
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The Doctor encounters the legendary Robin Hood and duels him using only a spoon. Taken from the episode “Robot of Sherwood.”

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The Thirteenth Doctor:
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  1. Robin Hood didn’t know what he was getting himself into. The Doctor is a Master swordsman. We saw that with the 3rd, 4th, and 9th Doctors. And 12 did not disappoint.

  2. Scotland vs england
    Better weaponry
    Better dress sense
    High ego

    Worse weaponry
    less numbers (two english people in this scene)
    Wims anyway

    You know why?
    Because we are scotts and we are geneticly modified to win no clue why.
    (If you just ignore the fact that we are Englands bitch currently and thw times we DID lose to them this this holds weight :]]]]]]]]]]]]])

  3. Robin hood there tries to stab the doctor through the torso just before getting pushed in, but when he pushes the doctor in right after Clara laughs along with him?

  4. Clara was both adorable and awesome in this episode. Her excitement about Robin Hood is so cute, and she's so cool when she outsmarts the sheriff. She's just awesome 😀
    Then again, when is she not? ;D

  5. I gotta give props to the costume designer, this is the first time we’ve seen a Robin Hood costume that is both practical and recognizable

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