Heartwarming Pet Adoption Stories

Heartwarming Pet Adoption Stories
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About 6.5 million companion animals go into animal shelters each year across the U.S., but only 3.2 million are adopted – fewer than half the dogs, cats and other pets are actually adopted.
But some photographers are aiming to change that.

From pre-designed Cats and Dogs photo books to customized everyday photo books, shelters and rescue organizations are partnering with expert photographers to build relatable, heartwarming stories of the animals that end up in shelters – and they’re increasing adoption rates exponentially.

Milla Chappell of @RealHappyDogs on Instagram says, “I partner with local rescue groups and shelters to take positive images of homeless dogs to try to show people that they can relate to these dogs – that they could be part of their family. I really do believe in the power of seeing photos in print. Mixbook creates a beautiful product and a beautiful way to do that.”


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