Near-Death Experience – SNL

Near-Death Experience - SNL
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When three friends (Brie Larson, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon) get into a car accident, one of them has a uniquely different near-death experience.

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  1. 1 Paranormal Occurrence – SNL

    My fuzzy and my scuzzy

    My baby tunnel and my gravy funnel

    My "Please hump it" and cheeze trumpet

    2 Near-Death Experience – SNL

    Fun bun and mud gun

    My drainer and my stainer

    3 Close Encounter – SNL

    My coot coot and prune chute

    4 Another Close Encounter – SNL

    My bush and my tush

    My taco and my choco

    My pink pocket and my stink rocket

    5 Christmas Miracle – SNL

    My cooter and my tooter

    My hog taker and my log maker

    My grassy knoll and my gassy hole

    6 A Journey Through Time – SNL

    My cooter and my tooter

    My clam casino and my bean burrito

  2. Not hating on brie, kind of feels like she's overacting. She's the worst actress in this sketch and she's a lead in a multimillion dollar Marvel film – something ain't right

  3. I get this weird Christopher Walken vibe from Mackinnon; but then that would be the appropriate vibe to get from anyone reminding you of Walken

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