Japanese Sukiyaki – INSANELY MARBLED BEEF – Traditional 100 Year-Old Food in Tokyo, Japan!

Japanese Sukiyaki - INSANELY MARBLED BEEF - Traditional 100 Year-Old Food in Tokyo, Japan!
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Yonekyuuhonten (米久本店) Restaurant in Tokyo

Japanese sukiyaki is one of the well known Japanese dishes – and you can eat everything from budget sukiyaki, to high end sukiyaki with extremely high quality ingredients. This 100 year old restaurants is somewhere in-between, making use of high quality ingredients, like insanely marbled beef, but not as expensive as some Japanese sukiyaki restaurants in Tokyo I came across. But along with the food, one of the main reasons I wanted to eat here is because it’s an old heritage restaurant that’s stood the test of time.

As you enter the sukiyaki restauarnt, you take off your shoes and leave them at the front of the restaurant, and when you enter, they beat the drum. You can then choose to sit in one of the many dining rooms, and they have both traditional Japanese style seating on the ground, in addition to tables as well. We got a traditional Japanese table on the ground.

For the sukiyaki, it’s best to order sets of ingredients, and you can either choose the normal beef or the special beef. I went with the special beef because of that insane marbling, but on second thought I probably would have ordered one normal beef and one special beef.

The soup is cooked on a griddle on your table, and you boil all the ingredients including leek and mung-bean noodles. But by all means the highlight is the beef, which is cut in thin strips and was some of the most insanely marbled beef I’ve ever seen. The beef was pretty much mostly fat, but it was so good. When you eat Japanese food sukiyaki, you dip each bite into raw egg as your sauce.

Yonekyuuhonten (米久本店) Restaurant is an amazing Japanese food restaurant in Tokyo, and it’s truly a piece of Tokyo culinary history.

Yonekyuuhonten (米久本店) Restaurant
Address : 2 Chome-17-10 Asakusa, Taitung District, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan
Total price – 10,010 JPY ($90.37)

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  1. 7:29 The glass noodle is called "Shirataki (noodle)" which is made from devil's tongue yam, aka konjac yam. It's one of the most popular ingredients in Sukiyaki.

  2. Does anyone ever yell at Mark, saying" STOP TALKING AND EAT!!" AND then do the food review!!! LOL MY goodness he almost over cooked the GREAT AWESOMENESS WAGU BF!! I was soooo ABOUT to cry!!! LOL

  3. The people that are disgusted by the egg are people that are likely from America, we have crappy disease infested chicken over here in the US so they think that the rest of the world has crappy quality food like here. God so many ignorant dumbasses live in this country.

  4. I hated this guy until I started seeing how much he just freaking genuinely loves the simplest things in life. This guy is the definition of Nirvana , literally finding happiness in the Japanese stock market. Simplicity at it's finest.

  5. everything looks wonderful, I would like to try and but smaller bites and to eat slower to enjoy the meal. tks for sharing

  6. I really feel for Ying, does she enjoy the food with Mic always requiring her attention. It would be great if you would hold Mic the entire meal and then eat your food as she enjoyed hers

  7. my gosh sukiyaki with kobe beef could be the biggest waste ever…you are literally grabbing one of the most expensive beef in the world and boiling it. My god you do that with cheaper meat cuts not with kobe beef!

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