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  1. Black people have really reached their low. This isn't acceptable on any level. Time and place this ain't it. And then to POST THIS SHIT. WHERE'S THE PERSON REC INTEGRITY. SAD SHIT.

  2. Blacks had a much higher approval rating from normal people before the liberal media started the rumor that black lives matter. Now blacks are hated more than during the days of slavery.

  3. For her being hit that many times by that many ppl she was barely bleeding. I thought she was fucked up but nope, those other girls should be embarrassed lol

  4. they have no shame and respect it looks like it was at someone's memorial too so sad that people can't keep there self under control for a special event smfh

  5. exactly what the conqueror wanted.. us to fight over words like we have No brains.. smh.. that's why we can't get along always asking about where you from and such.. sad.. beautiful people but ..sad..

  6. Dear white women please save us, this is what black women have to offer not all of them but it most of them, REALLY our fucking women act like men

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