Rescued Paralyzed Dog Drag 2 Legs on The Gound with Wound to Bones

Rescued Paralyzed Dog Drag 2 Legs on The Gound with Wound to Bones
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Rescued Paralyzed Dog Drag 2 Legs on The Gound with Wound to Bones

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Credit Hoàng Long Phạm:

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Bank: Vietcombank
Acount Number: 108868920545
Acount Name: Hoang Long Pham
Branch: 4 Distrist

Thanks Hoang Long PHạm for save this poor dog!

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  1. Necesitamos secuencia de cada rescate, lugar de domicilio donde los tienen, porque eso que solo aparezcan para pedir y no se vuelve a ver el, que pena ser tan directo, pero muestran mucha crueldad en el estado de estas criaturas pero donde están los resultados, donde están los lugares de su recuperación, necesitamos ver más, necesitamos ver todo es todo

  2. Unacceptable. Someone could have helped this poor dog sooner. Peoe are so cold, callous and don't care attitude in helping animals in need. Then they wonder why their xountry is suffering because they don't care about The Most High's creation. He created these beautiful animals like he created humans and we as humans are suppose to protect them. But collecting we are the ones they need protection from. This dog dis not have to suffer like this. Hopefully he will be able to walk again.

  3. Just a baby…. ?? thanks and blessings to all of you, protector him and Yelp him to be happy since now that you found him please???????? ????????

  4. So sad for dog??? God bless you?????????Guys please take care of this dog??? and Guys your work is really beautiful and important?️?️?️??????Thanks☺️?????

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