Milo Ventimiglia Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

Milo Ventimiglia Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions
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Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls, Heroes) hangs out with some adorable puppers and answers all of your questions about his new movie “The Art Of Racing In The Rain”, his time on Gilmore Girls, and his love of bean and cheese burritos.




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  1. Dear Buzzfeed, the next time you got bts would you be so kind to make them read thirst tweets. That would be very much appreciated.

    p.s. Don't milo ever aged?

  2. Rory and Jess are better as friends. Jess and Luke are two vv different people. Luke being okay with always being there for Lorelai and he is settled down too. He's very much consistent and doesn't do much change. Jess however changes a lot, and he is constantly on the go, similar to Logan. But the difference is is that Logan, had to get to the spot he is now through his parents, despite the fact that he doesn't want to. Logan wants to be Jess. Logan wants to be able to go against what his family is and stands for but he can't seem to do that. While Jess can do that, but goes overboard with it. Maybe it's because off his intense childhood that he is this way, but he is a little too rambunctious for Rory despite the fact that he eventually found his calling. I think Rory and Jess should remain best friends for life. They have similar outlooks on life, both enjoy writing and reading, and always have a fun time together. They are too similar. Luke and Lorelai however couldn't be more differernt. Similar to how Chris and Lorelai are too similar. Rory and Logan shouldn't end up together either because Logan's lifestyle will simply never be able to accommadate Rory's lifestyle. Logan will have to find someone in his world, because of how forced his parents are. Unless Logan complelelty escapes his parents and starts anew, he and Rory can' t be married. I say they date for a while and then eventually Logan or Rory will find someone else that makes them happy (but not Odette or Paul) Oh, and the father of Rory's baby is Logan. But will she tell him? Idk and How will this affect her career?

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