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  1. In the US, we should be encouraging people to RESCUE rather than buy from breeders. The US kills 4-6 million adoptable dogs and cats in our shelters every year just because of irresponsible owners and breeders.

  2. Thanks for sharing wonderful vid, we have a lhasa as well(Milo), was never a big fan of dogs till we got him, wouldn't be without him though, awsome breed they are, yours look like they're going to keep you busy ha ha.

  3. I'm in the UK, not the US. I did a quick search on Bing and there seem to be a few sites advertising there.

    This one looks quite nice, but obviously I don't know anything about them. The pictures of puppies they have certainly look cute!

    michiganlhasaapsobreeders (dot) com

  4. @OKBAOK Yes, I did. I filmed in 1080 50p, but then I rendered out to 720p with relatively small filesize, so it's not even the best quality setting. I just wanted something fast to upload.

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