Brindle Pitbull meets cutest puppy !!!

Brindle Pitbull meets  cutest puppy !!!
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today again Bullet asked me to go for a walk so I had no choice but to go for a walk and we meet this cute black puppy ??


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  1. Wow…so clean when he walked up to that puppy .??
    You have him trained SO we'll .
    I like you have him trained in your language.✌️???????
    I want a pit now .?
    Love this video .
    Your good with the tunes???️?️??????

  2. OK I loooooove his collar but its huuuuge. I used to live in South Florida and remember I could really only walk my dogs early morning and when the sun was going down. He is panting allot…???. Hiow is he doing?

  3. What a great pace he walks at my man. My thoughts are Mr Bullet was goin for a walk and you are lucky he invited you hahaha Very nice positive first meeting for the puppy, bring Bullet around that house again. 7:41…that is what a totally happy and satisfied dog looks like job well done boys til next time I am taking my two clowns out now dont forget to look at my old vids just type in Bushanie24 Bullets older broither lol

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