A Litter of Perky Pomeranian and Wolf Puppies?! ???

A Litter of Perky Pomeranian and Wolf Puppies?! ???
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We’re back in the Sims 4: Cats & Dogs LaBARKatory with our rugged cowboy wolf Silver facing his fears… and falling in love with a cougar?! Join Seri the Pixel Biologist as we dive into another pixel biology experiment!

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  1. i have a pomeranian! he's a black n white old man, going on 11 years. he's the first puppy i've ever had, all my others are middle aged rescues

    cougars were my old school mascot as well! my big cat of choice is a snow leopard though, a mix of a snow leopard and some dog breed would be fun. i'm partial to farm dogs, especially border collies!! i think a snow leopard and a red merle border collie would be a really fun mix ?

  2. How about a lion poodle hybrid and you could call it a loodle?
    My username is my name backwards but I left out one s since that would have a swear word in it.
    This series is awesome!

  3. I love your channel! i watched almost all all of Your vids! my name is Grayce
    black panther x hyena
    tuxedo x the mermaid cat!
    red panda x Sphynx
    fennec fox x red panda

  4. Gotta love these crossbreeds!!
    Also I would love to have an Akita crossbreed with something! And note there's two types of Akitas; the Akita (japanese) and the American Akita.
    Perhaps a red brindle Akita with a tri-color Rough Collie? Or a big cat, like a cheetah? ^_^

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