Outside with Pack – Puppies 1st Time – 28 Days Old

Outside with Pack - Puppies 1st Time - 28 Days Old
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Footage of my 28 day old (F2) Lycan Shepherds going outside with the pack for the 1st time. This video shows some of the benefits of the early Neurological Stimulation exercises we did with the puppies from day 3 through day 16.

*** ‘SOMEHOW the 2nd video clip I shot with Magi meeting the pups was shot in ‘HYPERLAPS’ and not in standard video (D’oh!). I slowed it down and still included it because there are a bunch of cute shots of them all together in there.

*** Hyperlapse (also walklapse, spacelapse, stop-motion time-lapse, moving timelapse) is a technique in time-lapse photography that allows the photographer to create motion shots. In its simplest form, a hyperlapse is achieved by manually moving the camera a short distance between each shot.

For the best start in life possible, among other things such as quality diet and early socialization, I use the Early Neurological Stimulation Program when raising our puppies, as research shows there are many benefits.

Here is the video of the litter doing this at 5 days old…

* I won’t be answering ANY questions regarding the litter or potential availability of any at this time so save those questions for later. I’m not looking for buyers right now and I don’t want to waste needless time answer tons of questions regarding availability… I am just showing everyone the litter. If you post questions anyways don’t sit around and wonder why they are being ignored. 🙂

You can see this litter being born in this video here…

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  1. Could you please make videos of how Ulu and Kurgan discipline the pups? I’ve always been fascinated with how they bond and communicate with each other. They have much to teach us.

  2. Quick question I have a female pit bull that gave birth to 6 well we lost one she ate one idk why but that’s beside the point. Whenever the feed and done I always check for bite marks or bleeding on the Nipples and make sure their not infected or one swollen. But one was swollen shut and I don’t know how to fix it I tried water and low percent soap and I don’t want to use alcohol to ruin the natural milk either I’m thinking that I take them to the vet but I feal like it’s a normal problem.
    Ps. Love your dogs and videos learned a lot my female loves eating raw duck and chicken legs as snacks?

  3. I can't own large dogs for the time being, so your video give me that little hit of dopamine that I used to get from my dogs years back. I've also found your videos to be very informative. Thank you for your videos.

  4. Ulu is such a good, attentive mother you must be proud of her! It's funny to see Lobo who normally loves other dogs ignore the puppies, guess they are boring to him right now haha!

  5. Wow you are going to have six dogs that is amazing how do you do it that has to be very expensive but I can see how they give so much pleasure to your life love it thanks for all your videos keep up the great work you do

  6. good morning Chadde the puppies are huge
    healthy strong puppies love it really enjoyed the video great job!!!!!!!! Safe Travels ? ???

    ☙ᛞᚼᛉᛣᛉᛣ ❄ ᛣᛉᛣᛉᚼᛞ❧

    ??sunkmanitu tanka ??

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