Cute Baby Wolf Puppies Take First Steps

Cute Baby Wolf Puppies Take First Steps
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Cute Baby Wolf Puppies Take First Steps


Cute, tiny baby wolves take their first timid steps outside the den, under the watchful eye of mum. The wolf puppies, born on April 27, 2013, are getting used to their surroundings in the Arctic Wolves Exhibit at Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria. So far 5 baby wolves have ventured out – but there could be more, as these Arctic or White puppy wolves live in a semi natural enclosure and staff don’t have access to their den.So time will tell just how many new baby wolf puppies have joined the pack as the keepers wait to see more of the youngest new wolf puppy arrivals at the worlds oldest Zoo.

Director / Producer: Animal Press
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. Brigitte Pennachio j'aime beaucoup les loups merci beaucoup pour les loups merci pour votre vidéo elles et superbe les loups et ses petits c'est très beau merci pour la vidéo j'aime beaucoup

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