Brave little Dog gets Rescued from River in Garbage bag & medical treatment will inspire you

Brave little Dog gets Rescued from River in Garbage bag & medical treatment will inspire you
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A brave little dog gets rescued from the river. Please share videos, for this great love. We have amazing weekly rescues. The complete list of rescues is available for subscribers at:
Brave little Dog gets Rescued from the River in Garbage bag, What Was Inside Broke Her Heart
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  1. No entiendo cuando se hace un video de rescate a esos pobres perritos,el camara se recrea viendole sufrir ,una y otra vez ,cuando podria salir corriendo y salvando al pobre animalito.,estoy arta de ver imagenes como estas, se salva ,pues manos a la obra y rapido, no ,ahora lo grabo de este angulo,ahora del otro, ahora cuando el perrito llora, ahora que se rellisca y pierde el equilibrio

  2. น่าสงสารจังจับน้องหมาลงไปเพื่อถ่ายหรือจตกไปเองเดิมพันด้วยชีวิตสงสารมาก?????

  3. わざと撮影をする為に 時間稼ぎをしてる様にしか 助けるなら 迅速にすると思う。パフォーマンスに見えてしまいました。ごめんなさい。

  4. นำ้ก้อใม่ใช่ลึกแต่มึงถ่ายเล่นอยู่นั่นแหละเห็นแล้วหมั่นใส้

  5. Who cares at this point, about the plastic bag. You just made the dog fight a extra 30 minutes for his life. I thought this was about rescue, not torture. REALLY!

  6. Why do u people keep recording this? Are u that sick and hungry for entertainment. Please dont record if u are not going to rescue right away.

  7. That was painful watching that poor, exhausted puppy in distress whilst you filmed it. I guess the longer the video the more $$$?! ?

  8. How much time do you need… and I would have been in and out.
    However I'm greatly thankful you did rescue the puppy.
    Thank you.
    God knows our hearts our thoughts and our actions ? he knows everything.

  9. 빨리 구하지않고 비디오만 찍으면 어떻게.저건 학대하는거다 다시는 보고싶지않다. 어린 강아지가 불쌍하지도 않냐

  10. やらせ?

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