Woman Rescues Puppy From Puerto Rico After Hurricane | The Dodo

Woman Rescues Puppy From Puerto Rico After Hurricane | The Dodo
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Woman Rescues Puppy From Puerto Rico After Hurricane | This woman was traveling in Puerto Rico when she saw a tiny puppy in a rusted crate — and knew she couldn’t get on the plane without him. Special thanks to Kristen Kiraly Films for this amazing story and for fostering Carolina: http://www.kristenkiralyfilms.com/. To help save more dogs in Puerto Rico, you can support Paws4Survival: http://thedo.do/paws4.

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  1. What i don't get, how can you lovely rescuers then let go of your little friends? This must be so damn hard, even if you know, like in this and i suppose in most cases, such a sweet family is adopting him. What a cute little puppy this one is, the look in their eyes when they get shown the love and care they so desperately need is so incredibly biutiful, gets me every, single time!
    Thank you, to all involved, you are wonderful.

  2. My dog’s name is Luna she is a white puppy husky and I feel soo bad for her cause she got this virus where she had a 20% chance to live luckily she is getting better but then the saddest thing happened she was staying over with her sister at my grandmas house and accidentally got ran over on the nose she had trouble breathing and bled a lot the vets didn’t know if she was going to make it but then a miracle happened she survived that too! Now she’s the happiest pup in the world!!!She loves running around!

  3. Give me a break…….stop giving others a pass on giving up pets or leaving them behind, etc!! It only gives these people a pass on life!!! Its the people that DONT leave or give up their pets who deserve respect & love!! This lady is great……. people that leave pets behind……not so much!!!

  4. I hate when their abounded from their owners its sooooo sad SPECIALLY CUZ I LOVE DOGS AND CATS SO MUCH I GOT A KITTEN BUT MY FRIENDS MOM IS TAKING CARE OF IT CUZ OF ITS EYE

  5. So you guys should appreciate having your animals, because if you're in Puerto Rico, when I was in hurricane, Maria came and you had pets, they would have been gone, so appreciate your pets please

  6. I had saw her in the cage, she was shaking and her legs were broken, luckily, I had found her she's OK now, she is in a wheelchair, and if I didn't find her, I would have been so sad

  7. I cried because samething happen to me I was in Puerto Rico when the hurricane happened, and I had my dog, and she got lost after, because we didn't with me because we didn't want to leave, and we went to a place where they had the dogs, and I had found her birth. She had broken her, learn everything. Luckily, a headphone her you're my life would have been gone.

  8. I live in Puerto Rico and you have no idea how hard was to live that. Our little island is still destroyed, some places still don't have light and sometimes you could see dead dogs that drowned or killed each other to get food. It makes me so happy to see someone saved this little pup or she would've had the same destiny as all the other dogs
    (Sorry if my english is bad)

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