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  1. 1:33 i like how that girl was just sitting there so stupid..you can clearly see he is choking when your sitting at the table 99.1 % people will ask if your okay others will try & do something to prevent you from choking to death & passing out. I'm not saying make a big commotion yelling your head off, "Oh he's choking!! help please!" but hey some people care to help some don't i would still ask for help that he's choking you never know there may be a PM or doctor in the room or someone that's CPR Certified..she got up from her chair still staring at him asking if he's okay and sits back down then gets back up & he's still choking on his food can't even talk at all but embarrass himself in front of people because this friend or supposedly girlfriend of his doesn't even do a damn thing to help this poor guy..finally she gets up and and starts lightly patting on his back like that's going to do something you receptively patt on the persons back to get that air going to help push air in & out. That's why you ask for help and say is there a doctor here in the room or anyone that can perform the heimlich manuever treatment on him. Dumb girl she was just sitting and standing staring at him like that..very upsetting until minutes later a fellow rescuer comes & helps him..

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