Top 10 Spectacular Opening Lap Crashes in F1

Top 10 Spectacular Opening Lap Crashes in F1
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There’s an old expression in motorsport – You can’t win a race on the first lap, but you can definitely lose it. Here are ten examples that hammer that point home to the max… watch out for the carbon fibre confetti!

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  1. Spa 1998 in a nutshell:
    Someone spun.
    Collision with about 6 cars to start.
    Backmarckers plough straight into 6 car collision.
    Causes even bigger collision.
    Conclusion: backmarckers need to invest in glasses

  2. 1位の98年ベルギーGPはスタートから荒れて、その後ミハエル・シューマッハがクルサードに追突してブチ切れ、マクラーレンに殴り込みに行くは、ジョーダン無限ホンダが優勝と2位になるわで、荒れまくったレースだったなぁ。

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