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  1. Everyone commenting about how Burton should have destroyed Hood seem to be forgetting all of the fights that Hood has under his belt. He learns from every fight, he's a hardened convict who does what it takes to survive. While Burton is no doubt a monster who can destroy most people 1v1, Hood is much of the same except he isn't as psychotic as Burton. It was a close fight in the end, Burton had to strangle Hood into a blackout and get blindsided by him as he woke up but that's it. Hood vs Burton I would pick Hood 9/10 times

  2. It should have taken both Proctor and Hood to defeat Burton. Burton is capable of defeating multiple strong men at once, whereas Hood has trouble just fighting one.

    I think a better way to finish it would have been both Proctor and Burton fighting him, with Burton reluctant to harm Proctor because of his loyalty to him, and Proctor having to emotionally put down Burton who was his closest associate, that would have been far more epic and dramatic.

    So essentially Burton would allow Proctor to beat him

    Burton is so skilled that he would have put down the Albino, Cheyton, and practically everyone that Hood has ever had a difficult time fighting against, in a matter of seconds, so Hood should have been a gonna really, or at least used a rock or something

  3. I don't understand… Isn't burton like the most dangerous character? How does hood always beat guys that he hardly has a chance again?

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