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  1. Bonjour, je suis française…
    Je crois énormément au paranormal, même si il subsiste en moi un léger doute…
    C'est vrai :depuis internet, youtube, etc,il y a eu TELLEMENT de fakes qu'on ne sait plus quoi penser!!!!
    Cependant, je tiens à vous remercier pour votre chaîne, qui me conforte dans mon état d'esprit, à savoir :il y a "quelque chose "après la mort…

  2. I know about these videos omg ? i never thought i see them again. Theses videos are very real ? there locations have been made private for investigations purposes and reported to a real liscenced paranormal team investigator everything you see in this video is very authentic.

  3. Did you know that all ghosts are, are people that don’t know they died? They feel trapped. Some feel like they need revenge. Once they realize they are dead. That’s supposed to be why some spirits are evil. Once you do see a ghost or feel scared…don’t be reminded not all ghosts are evil. And they only get energy off fear. If you think a ghost is near feeding them fear is the worst thing to do. You should also never get attached to spirits. They will see you as a friend or someone to follow home the next time you go ghost hunting.

  4. Life without protection is scary. Chant this Tibetan mantra 108 times a day for protection. OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA. Find out more here bit(dot)ly/DSretreat

  5. I only really believe the first one. The ones with the pets and the lady who passes out (lol) could be real too, but the others are pretty suspect.

  6. All of these are so FAKE…and if people who are watching this is smart enough, then they can ask one simple questions why do you have to add background music? show it as it is. on the first video, it said "The following footage was recorded by hotel security on September 14, 2003. It has not been edited" Uh…I am pretty sure security footage dose not have background music… it was added and therefore it has been edited….Next…footage 5:05…guys recording himself in the attic…it can't get anymore fake than this…forget about the footage, ask yourself, who goes and record themselves looking for stuff in their attic? seriously…Gee…perfect set up…Human minds are so weak and will believe anything…just use common sense. what is the purpose of recording yourselves looking for stuff in the attic? there is non other than to set up your agenda. Go watch real or not on billschannel they provide proof that most of the internet videos are FAKE…

  7. The girl who was trapped in the room and fainted was in Malaysia.Yes the case was reported to the police.At first it was on police investigation then later on the case just dismissed.I didn't know what happen then.There is a group of Malaysian paranormal activities went to the building to make a film.And yes they are attacked too..I don't know if it was true or just film marketing.

  8. Funny how absolutely no one occupying the other rooms came out, no concern, no cares…. YET there are loud screams coming from that room. The whole floor would have came out, just to be nosey, or to at least knock to make sure all is well, Hmmmm… Sounds like bull shit to me.

  9. 1. The original uploader of this video is a fiction writer and director called Turner Clay. Make of that what you will…
    2. This is a commercial for the Malaysian movie Ban Gu Nan.
    3 and 4. I don't believe that this could be considered evidence as there are so many possible explanations. For me, feel like they are hoaxes but I'm unable to prove it so I will leave them alone.
    5. This video was produced by Manchester PPI company Joshua Brookes LTD as a PR stunt.

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