5 Creepiest Ghost Sightings Caught On Tape

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Check out these five terrifying Ghost clips caught on camera.

What do you think is the best clip? The Spirit of a soldier at the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Battle ground, The Terrifying footage of an apparition seeming to peer over the St. Augustine Lighthouse stairs, The ghost captured in one of the world most haunted prisons, The Eastern State Penitentiary. The creepy spirit of what seems like a Ghost visiting a patient at a Hospital or my very own clip which was taken during a visit to one of the United Kingdoms many Haunted attractions, Longleat House.

Thanks for watching and share this video with anyone who may enjoy it! Keep an open mind about everything and understand we all have our own beliefs. If you believe or not its not harming anyone! 🙂

Special Thank you to Co.ag for the amazing background music!

Thanks To Delia & Tom Underwood for the Gettysburg Ghost clip and GhostStudy.Com for the creepy Hospital Spirit Footage.


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  1. This is freaking crazy. Last video was shocking. I have never seen anything like that ever and so funny that the guy making these videos caught that -absolutely crazy!

  2. I'm Not judging or saying things are Fake!!..

    But, it is Always amazing on how

    ‐ U.F.O's
    ‐ Bigfoot
    ‐ Ogopogo
    – Loch Ness
    – Dogmen
    – Rake's
    – Ghosts
    – Or Any other species/Monsters

    That gets caught on some sort
    of electronic device!!..

    Turns up very Blurry , Fuzzy or out of Focus!!..

    Yet, we can catch the Moon on camera in crystal clear focus!!

    Or even spot some sorry A$$ in a desert miles & miles away & pretty much.. see that he is holding a cellphone or gun in his hand.

    But, no matter what.. we just can't seem too find a way to catch a Beast of some sort!!.. ?

  3. I dont trust these paranormal investigation programmes.
    Also, No: 3 looks more like a strand of hair, drifting closely past the camera lens. Neither a ghost or a bug.

  4. #5 was disproven as vehicle lights from the road behind the trees.

    #3 was a tiny piece of string/dust floating through the air too close to the camera.

  5. I’m gonna go to some historical location and start recording indistinct white smudges with a crappy camera. Maybe I can start my own TV show.

  6. Yeah the ghost walking down the stairs in longleat house is a good gag, I’ve seen it many times! But why your phone would go all crazy like that, I have no idea!

  7. the craziest part of your video is that the lights flicker when the apparition is close to them. and that sighting is unique in that it’s a shadow on the floor.

  8. The video you caught was amazing! Wow! When you hear boots walking you try to Imagine how an entity could possibly look like walking and you caught it!! Wow that was so fun to watch thanks again!!

  9. My wife and I went to the Eastern State penitentiary and the tour stopped in front of Al Capone's cell. Everyone else was about 100 feet ahead of us, and we were bringing up the group from the rear. My wife fell back from me about 20 feet and just kept staring into Al Capone's cell. She told me something grabbed her rear, and she turned around ready to slap someone and no one was there and she looked over her shoulder and I was too far to have grabbed her. She got freaked out and ran to catch up with me…. Needless to say my wife is full blooded Sicilian, and I wouldn't be surprised if Al Capone was in the mood for some Italian – LMFAO

  10. I’ve never seen a ghost video I believed was real. they all look like they’re filmed on a t-10 calculator, suspiciously fuzzy where it’s easy to add some Editing.

  11. I love how everyone has opinions and conclusions based on no scientific facts…??. "Entities drawing energy from electronics…"…that and orbs are my favourites. If you can't come up with a logical reason ( because that's too boring), go with implausible. Not eveything is paranormal. I'd say 99.9% of things aren't.

  12. What I notice at number 1 is, I can see the feet, shadow, and the movement of the spirit walking down the stairs and in the hallway. Creepy as Freak! ??

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