Moto Moments (EP. 81) – close calls and mishaps

Moto Moments (EP. 81) - close calls and mishaps
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New – Eighty-first episode of Moto Moments.
I would like to show you my motorcycle edit with full of interactions and reactions to road traffic.

I created it by combining a number of road traffic scenes. These videos take few days of editing to create. All of my videos are created with one purpose in mind. To ride safe!

My channel is focused on creating content about motorcycles, from reactions to analysis videos, reviews, ending explained videos, theories and everything in between.

A video qualifies as fair use if it juxtaposes source material in a new or unexpected way for the purposes of critique, commentary or education.


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Any scenes were used with permission of their original creators.

We have purchased (written) licenses for:
Intro: blowinbox – Yakuza
Outro: akoahimusic – Feel the Freedom

All videos on this channel should be used as a learning tool – This channel is all about educating and teaching(how to ride safe on a motorcycle). Drive and Ride Safe! All content featured on this channel is used with original copyright owners permission.


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  1. Motorcycles are not dangerous I have one my self as when I ride responsibility and keep my distance from other cars I don’t cut people off I always have enough time to break to check my mirrors and turn quickly I don’t do tricks when there is traffic. But I see people almost killing them self on motorcycle making responsible riders insurance go up like crazy here in canada for a 600 cc I have to pay $500 a month and that is with a new bike and clean record and when I ask why they tell me because there are a lot of accidents in high speed motorcycle like 600cc get something lower like 300cc but still cost $200. ? please riders ride responsibly one so in a far future we can pay cheaper insurance and 2 because as a rider I don’t want other riders to die or get hurt it is so easy to avoid all this close calls

  2. I was hoping the guy at 9:00 would crash. Dumb ass hole. Ive noticed, from watching videos like this, that nothing is ever the rider’s fault. Even though when they wreck they’re driving like ass holes beforehand.

  3. What is happening to the people who just seem to slide out or fall over when going along? An example is 5:00 , they don't seem to be going excessively fast.

  4. I feel for all the people in the video. I crashed on saturday ( july 6. 2019) and will be able to ride in september again…

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