Investigating The Mysterious Death Of An Adult Deer | North Woods Law

Investigating The Mysterious Death Of An Adult Deer | North Woods Law
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Responding to a call about a deer found dead at the edge of a lake outside of hunting season, CO Chris Egan tries to uncover exactly how the animal died.

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  1. Where the hell are all the yote tracks then? Must have been 3 to 5 dogs to kill a mature buck. It’s hard enough tracking a deer that just got shot, let alone one that was killed by yots days before its found dead. I’m calling bs, staged.

  2. Love his attention to every minute detail. He had different theories and eliminated them one by one until he found the real cause of death. Great work Ranger ?? you’d be an awesome forensic scientist

  3. Wow, I am truly impressed with his tracking abilities. Very impressive, that's for sure. Just hope those weren't 'domestic' dogs that gathered into a pack, but actual coyote. Anyway, good job!

  4. Gotta admit how impressed I am with this ranger's investigative tracking ability in resolving a death most civilians would instantly chalk up to poaching upon first sight. Honestly, how many watched this and nearly instantly concluded that it was certain to have been a scumbag poacher who was such a piece of human garbage they didn't even bother tracking down the kill after firing on it? Much as the ranger felt I also was glad to learn this death wasn't due to anything other than the predator-prey struggle all animals face in the wild.

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