Real Ghosts caught on camera.

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Do you believe in ghosts?
Maybe after viewing this short video you might just change your mind.
Please feel free to comment.

These pictures were taken with 2 x Digital cameras and 2 x 35mm still picture cameras.

Most of these pictures were taken in a cemetary in Goulburn, NSW, Australia.

The last picture was taken in Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia back in the early 1990’s.

No modifications have been made to these pictures. What you see is what was caught on film or digital camera.


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About the Author: Kevin Camberwell


  1. Hi Thanks for your comment, there are a few in the picture, I also have a few placed into a web site where address is below, please feel free to look and comment. I found you can see more and better if you have a large screen to view it on. Please copy and paste address below to view.

    The gallery is under my name: Kevin Camberwell's Photos.

  2. I only saw three ghostswhen the man was standing in the fog…you can see three faces two wuth half of their body and one which was standing next to the man

  3. @housemillion100
    Thanks for your comment, there are lots in the first pic.. I even have ORBS in daylight that have tails from moving away from me, I may consider putting them up one day.

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