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  1. Los pinches gatos son una mula, son malos y hay dueños tan pendejos e ignorantes como este que no le enseñan al gato a respetar. El gato puede arañar el ojo de tu perrito ESTÚPID@

  2. This is such an arresting video. I was rooting for the pup! Such strategy…such determination. Sorry cat you came off not looking so good. ???

  3. Cats are kool AF!

    Keep tugging, I'm enjoying this… Let me lay down and enjoy the ride… Squeeky toy?… Nope, not budging… Okay, I need to check myself… I'm back… This bed so comfy…

  4. Now the puppy can't leave his bed because the cat will take it away if he does. It was so sweet and a little sad that the baby was offering his toy to the cat in exchange for the bed. Aww. ?

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