Hogs Wild – Fighting the Feral Pig Problem – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Hogs Wild - Fighting the Feral Pig Problem - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]
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Feral hogs are running wild across Texas, at great cost to farmers, ranchers, and native wildlife. Hunters are helping, but science may prove critical to controlling the invasion on a broader scale. For more information on feral hogs and feral hog control, visit: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/huntwild/wild/nuisance/feral_hogs/


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  1. Please note that target-specific delivery and impacts to native species are part of the research. Results indicate that specialized feeders work and scavenging of affected carcasses is unlikely to produce harmful effects. Pesticides must be registered by the EPA for legal use, and this requires the science to demonstrate that prescribed use of baits would not threaten human safety or ecosystem health. Reducing feral hog damage to the ecosystem is the ultimate goal of this ongoing research.

  2. This is what happens when u get rid of Mexican s there's not enough hogs for the tamales bring back the Mexicans you'll get rid of the feral s and you'll get fat this Christmas

  3. Have a hunting club get a massive hunt together and collect meat for the homeless shelters. They could invite people from all over the country to pitch in or purchase a hog for meat as a donation.

  4. One of my Dad's friends was showing us the damage hogs had done to his property. He had a large area that he would charge people to hunt deer. He only had doe permits. He thought he would charge us the same price to hunt those hogs. I told I'm not paying you to come hunt hogs when I can go to my Uncle's and hunt them for free. About 2 weeks later he called daddy said tell your kids they can come hunt hogs for free. It's crazy how much they want to charge you to come help them with their hog problem. I guess he found out no one was going to pay him to hunt hogs. Theirs to many farmers around here that will let you hunt for free.

  5. Why do they charge so much to get rid of them? Hope they don't get ate alive. You know we'd come help get rid of them, but I'm not paying more than I can buy one in a sale barn.

  6. You can't poison only one species. Take all the money out of toxicant research and put it into bounties and subsidizing Hunters for the hungry. I primarily hunt deer and turkeys but take a pig any time I get a chance. We need to encourage hunting as much as possible before pursuing toxins

  7. I’d like to see 2 things happen. 1st, Harvest the food for hungry. 2nd, use the military to practice there marksman skills but only on federal land or farmers land that gives written permission with where, when, how many can hunt and any additional restrictions the farmers want. Why not let the military hone there skills, learn the use of there weapons and accessories (ie nite vision).

  8. It is a perfect way to feed people around the world that have no food, i know ranchers want them gone i get it i worked on a big Ranch in central Florida tons of Hogs, just saying it's a lot of food that is being wasted!

  9. Are there concerns about the uncertainty of the result of consuming hoggone on different pigs? Suppose  the farmer later shoots  a pig that had earlier ingested a "sub lethal" dose, is that pig then used for food? How would the farmer know that the pig had consumed a sub lethal dose after shooting it, and possibly before eating it?

  10. Have they tried sterilizing the alpha males?
    In the beginning it states that they spread disease. Anything dangerous to eating them?

  11. poison won't work,too dangerous to other species,including humans,
    would you it pork if you thought it might have been poisoned,
    shoot them…….

  12. What I would do is get the USA army in and give them some live target practice and then they could take them back to camp and cook them up.
    Maybe a barbecue would be better.

  13. The toxic kills are too dangerous long term.
    There is not enough known about the chemical ramifications.
    The only thing as bad as hogs are the big Pythons and Boas in Florida.
    And they are headed our way in TX.
    I've killed a bunch of hogs at 375 and 400lbs.

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