Good JetSki Fails to Get You Through The Week

Good JetSki Fails to Get You Through The Week
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Some great jetski fails to watch. My personal favorite is the slow clap at 0:37. Enjoy!

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  1. I drive a ski boat, and the amount of times I've had near misses because of the fkn clowns that ride these things and don't pay attention as to what's around them, leaves me laughing every time they have accidents only because they bring it upon them self's!

  2. PWCs account for more than half of all private watercraft sold and people are vastly ill informed on how to operate jet driven watercraft safely, which is a deadly combination. Most U.S. states now mandate PWC endorsements for any and all who operate them, which is good. As with anything, it's best to be defensive and avoid unnecessary risk in the first place, but a lot of people panic right as they are pointed toward a hazard and let go of the throttle. Without throttle input, you have no steering on jet driven watercraft.

  3. A lot of these folks should not be on jet skis. The sheer stupidity. I can only imagine the damage some of the these machines experienced.

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