Driver Released After 19th Cyclist Death

Driver Released After 19th Cyclist Death
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New video shows a crash that killed a 52-year-old cyclist and injured two other people Sunday in Brooklyn. The deadly crash marks the 19th cyclist killed in the city this year. CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis has the details.


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  1. In true NYC fashion, expect the 2nd lane on Coney Island Ave to be removed and converted to a protected bike lane eliminating the revenue from Double Parked cars on a regular basis. Maybe boosting NYPD from 25K to 36K where it was before and make the sole emphasis traffic enforcement to even out the budget may make more sense. The speed camera didn't deter moron from blasting thru a steady red light approaching Ave L causing chaos.

  2. Police are still reviewing video? It'll only took me 3 seconds to come out with a final verdict. Guilty ass 18 year old.

    Probably bumpin music and texting in his retarded looking charger that mommy and daddy bought him. Thinking he's cool.

  3. How was the 18 year old released with out charges he speed while running a Red light.? His parents must know some powerful ppl or is a supporter of Trump's ??‍♂️

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